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     February, 2014

Vol. XIX, No.1

Report on US Animal Health Association - Karen Conyngham
Llamas and Rickets - Al & Sondra Ellis
Pre-Peru Trip Tips - Carol Reigh
Product Review:DR Powerwagon - Anita Collins
Camelids & Blister Beetles in Alfalfa Hay - Karen Conyngham
Don't Forget to Visit PLAA on Facebook
What is Teff Hay and is it Suitable for Llamas? - Bev Vienckowski
What's New at the Farm?
Camelids in Ancient South America - Anita Collins
Noticing the Shiny Thread - Bev Vienckowski


     November, 2013

Vol. XVIII, No.4

Letters to the Editor
Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas - IRC Council
Bluetongue Disease in Camelids - Scott Noga
Product Review: My Experience with M-T-G   -  Ann Bodnyk
Should You Geld Your Pack Llamas? - Al & Sondra Ellis
Don't Forget to Visit PLAA on Facebook
Gone Ape - Scott Noga
PLAA Members at GALA Conference November 7-10, 2013
Some Toenail Tips and Other Helpful Hints - Carol Reigh & Bev Vienkowski
How a Dedicated Worker Saved a Cria - Bob Wolfe
Llama Fun Day! - Carol Reigh and Kathy Cooley
Spotted at the Big E


     August, 2013

Vol. XVIII, No.3

Care of the Geriatric Camelid - Charlene Arendas, DVM
How Close is Too Close - Jerry Dunn
PLAA Funded Ohio State University Research Completed - John Mosovsky
Product Review: Alpaca & Llama Insect Spray - Candace Wingo
Camelid Emergency Preparedness - Karen Conygham
It's Spring! What's in Your Pasture - Missouri Llama Association Newsletter
Llamas Get Good Press - Carol Reigh
Camelid Community 2013: Help Jump Start Our Industry - Editors Note
NSAIDS: Arthritis/Pain Relief for Camelids - Charlene Arendas, DVM
Alternative Pain Relief for Camelids - Charlene Arendas, DVM
Scooter the Llama on the Loose Gets Tasered! - Open Forum
Hot Weather Tips - Carol Reigh, Tabbethia Haubold & Ann Bodnyk
2013 Pacific NW Fiber Cooperative Sort News - Carol Reigh & Bev Vienckowski
First Aid Kit for Camelids - Kristy Brown, DVM


     May, 2013

Vol. XVIII, No.2

Ask the CSU Vets - Kathy Stanko
PLAA Annual Business Meeting, March 16, 2013
Lama Meat?  It's Here! - Ann Bodnyk
Product Review: CHAFFHAYE "Pasture-in-a-Bag" - Cynthia Rossi
PLAA Treasurer's Report, Year 2012 - Chuck Leach
Faces in the Crowd:PLAA Annual Meeting, March 23, 2013
Ohio State Fair Llama & Fiber Show Coming Soon with Good Stuff! - Donna Moore
Sexual Awareness in Llamas - Ron Baird
So, When is Marisol's New Cria Due?
Llama Lessons Learned - Al & Sondra Ellis
Our PLAA Partners with Vets Recipients
Muddy Creek Veterinary Service - James A. Cohagan, DVM


     February, 2013

Vol. XVIII, No.1

PLAA Annual Business Meeting, March 24, 2012
Southeast Llama Rescue - Deborah Logan
Why USAHA Matters - Karen Conynham
Product Review: The N.A.G. Bag - Carol Reigh
Tenoch's Second Trip - Al & Sondra Ellis
About the USAHA - Dr. Murray Fowler
Finding Fiber Processing Without Fear in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania _ Cynthia Rossi
Fiber Guidelines for the Pacific NW Llama Fiber Cooperative, LLC - Carol Reigh
The Slobbers: Black Patch Disease - Keith Johnson
What's New on the Farm: Red Clover Conversation
Raising Liam - Michele Strupp
Bringing Up a New Generation of Bean Counter - Bev Vienckowski


     November, 2012

Vol. XVII, No.4

Report on the US Animal Health Association 2012 Annual Meeting - Karen Conyngham
Year of the Working Llama Part 2 - Bev Vienckowski
Camelid Community Creates Two Brochures
EMPOWER BOOST An Equine Product That Can Work for Camelids, Too! - Cynthia Rossi
Tenoch: Sheep Guard or Homing Pigeon? - Al & Sondra Ellis
Glen Pfefferkorn Receives Prestigious Award from Oregon State University
PLAA Members Help Make GALA 25th Conference a Success - Carol Reigh
What's New at the Farm? - Hunkering Down for Severe Weather
Camels to Help Fight Alzheimer's?-A New Class of Antibody from Camelids
Surviving 2012: The New Normal - RJ Stangherlin
Obituaries: Jon Henrich and Frank Shoop
My First Time at the Big E - Bev Vienckowski


     August, 2012

Vol. XVII, No.3

The Geriatric Camelid - Niki Kuklenski
Year of the Working Lama - Bev Vienckowski
Small Livestock: Eastern Equine Encephalitis It's Not Just for Horses - Diane Wells
Product Review: Natural Plan Stomach Soother - Cynthia A. Rossi
So, what's with the %@!!*&%#:) Sunbathing!!!! - Ann Bodnyk
Barberpole Worm - Dusty Weaver Nagy, DVM
Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Coop-Fiber Sorting in York, PA
What's New at the Farm? think llamas SLEEP at night??? - Ann Bodnyk & David Dare
The Truth About Guard Llamas - Carol Reigh


     May, 2012

Vol. XVII, No.2

Injuries on Skin Diseases and Eating Problems - Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting, March 25, 2011
Camelid Community 2012: Working Animals, Working Owners
Tick Paralysis in Llamas - Scott Naga
Product Review: FIBRevive - Cynthia A. Rossi
Treasurer's Report Year Ending December 31, 2011 - Chuck Leach
Cool Tool...Deer Antler Comb, Priceless! - Loretta Radeschi
Team Shad and Cystic Fibrossi...Creating Memories - Patricia McKinney
PLAA Annual Membership Meeting, March 26, 2011
ICI Camelid Health Videos Valuable to Owners - Barb Baker


     February, 2012

Vol. XVII, No.1

Q & A follow up with Dr. Maria E. Prado - Ann Bodnyk
Help the ILR Celebrate the International Year of the Working LLama
Weathering Winter on the Farm - Carol Reigh
Hammond Mural Spotlights Llamas - Wisconsin ORGLER
Are You "Pinterest" ing? - RJ Stangherlin
Product Review: The Slicker Brush - Carol Reigh
New Mexico...One Year Later - Theresa Holmes
Rabie Vaccinations in Camelids - Sephen Hull, Ph.D. & Tom Cameron, DVM
What's New at the Farm? - RJ Stangherlin
How It All Began-The Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative - Larry McCool
A Great Discovery - Randall Gooding
Llamas and Kids? You Bet! What a Great Combination - Marilyn Nenni


     November, 2011

Vol. XVI, No.4

US Animal Health Association 2011 Annual Meeting Report - Karen Conyngham
Super Six travel to W.V. Grand State Fair Llama Show
Camelid Community 2011 Report Moving Forward Together - Sheila Fugina & Barb Baker
Are You Harboring a Killer? - Anita Collins
Product Review: Camera for your Trailer - Ann Bodnyk
Report on the 2011 Pack Llama Festival - Alexa Metrick & Charlie Hackbarth
Blitzin' With the Llamas: Helping with a Watershed-wide Clean Up - Bev Vienckowski
Inca Success in Peruvian Andes Thanks to Llama Dung - Caroline Anning BBC News
Bob Frost, Long-time Llama Owner and Past President of USAHA, Passes - Karen Conyngham
Some of Our PLAA Members at 2011 GALA Conference
What's New at the Farm? Warm & Fuzzy Pairs - Bev Vienckowski
Your MAF Donations at Work - Dr. Lisa Williamson
Identifying and Controlling Pasture Weeds
Charging Ahead Against Disease - Kelley Weir
Giant Hogweed - Cindi and Dave Hassrick


     August, 2011

Vol. XVI, No.3

Kay Patterson Honored by National Pedigreed Livestock Council - ILR Release
Allowing Llamas to be Llamas - Carol Reigh
4-H'ers Making a Difference - Connie Brewer
Product Review Farmco Hay Feeders - Carol Reigh
Barn Fires, Trailer Wrecks and Downers, OH MY! - Rebecca Gimenez
What's New on the Farm? - Carol Reigh, Bev Vienckowski, Dick Snyer and RJ Stangherlin
Llama Manure Benefits
Beating the Heat - RJ Stangherlin


     May, 2011

Vol. XVI, No.2

Ponazuril Pharmacokinetics After Single Oral Dose in Healthy Llamas - Maria Prado MV Ph.D.
Minutes of PLAA Board of Directors Meeting January 5, 2011
New Mexico or Bust! Moving to Santa Fe, NM with our Llamas - Theresa Holmes
Finally! A Treatment for 3rd Compartment Ulcers in Camelids - Katrina Capasso
Heat - A Llamas Worst Enemy!
Product Review - Chilled Water for your Llamas - Ann Bodnyk
PLAA Treasurer's Report Year Ending December 31, 2010 - Chuck Leach
Caring for Stressed or Thin Llamas - National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council
Pennsylvania Agriculturer in the Classroom
Product Review - Ranch Manager, a Computer Program You Cannot Live Without!! - Carol Reigh
Tech Tips: Creating Connections Your Farm on Facebook The Social Connection - RJ Stangherlin
The Allure of Magical Llama Beans - Bev Vienckowski
What's New at the Farm?


     February, 2011

Vol. XVI, No.1

Report on the US Animal Health Association 2010 Annual Meeting - Karen Conyngham
Minutes of PLAA Board of Directors Meeting  June 30, 2010
Moving with Llamas - Anita Collins
Product Review: Ford Transit Connect - Anita Collins
2011 Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture Animal Health Requirements for Exhibition
What Every Llama Owner Needs to Know About Hair Balls - Chela Grey
Rescuing Rescues in Montana - Wes Laraway
Pasture Design & the Environment - Alpaca Garden Newsletter April 2010
Product Review: Shelter Logic Shelter - Anita Collins
Boulder's 'Llama Lady' dies. Bobra Goldsmith Pioneered Llama Ranching in Colorado - Erica Melzer
Camelid Display at FFA Convention is Huge Success - Sheila Fugina
Battling Those Pesky Insects - Cathy Spalding


     November, 2010

Vol. XV, No.4

Training Llamas for Willing Cooperation - Bobra Goldsmith
A Letter From Your New Editor - Bev Vienckowski
Thunder - SELR
Alpaca Skin Problems - Mike Safley
Wild Turkey Tale - Tim Vienckowski
PLAA Members at 2010 GALA Conference
Things to Think About Before Calling Your Vet - Lincolnland Lama News
Product Review: Seacure - Carol Reigh
It's all in "The Name" - John R. Holmes
Camelid Community 2010 Report: Pulling Together in Fragile Times - Sheila Fugina & Barb Baker
The Basics of Llama & Alpaca Fiber - Camelid Community


     August, 2010

Vol. XV, No.3

Making it Through the Heat - Carol Reigh
A Letter From Your Editor - Theresa Holmes
A Special Bond - Kat Medrea
The Rabies Vaccine & Other Vaccinations - Stephen Hull
Horror on the Highway - Mike Thompson
A Mystical Connection - Deb Macauley
Heads and Halters: Alpacas and Llamas - Cathy Spalding
Minutes PLAA Board of Directors Meeting  March 26, 2010
Minutes PLAA Board of Directors Meeting  March 27, 2010
Minutes PLAA Annual Membership Meeting  March 27, 1010
Forage Plant Wards Off Ruminant Gastrointestinal Nematode - Sharon Durham
What Does Government Relations Have to do with ME Anyway? - Theresa Holmes
Llama Drama or How Not to Lose a Llama - Marilyn Holler


     May, 2010

Vol. XV, No.2

Do Your Part to Prevent Resistance in Parasites - Dr. Missi Cooper & Ann Bodnyk
Description of M-Worm versus Gut Worm - Dr. Steve Hull
Summary of Dropped Fetlock Studies - Dr. Stacy Semevolos
PLAA 2009 Treasurer's Report - Chuck Leach
Drug Expiration Dates: For Real or Just a Suggestion - L'illette Vasquez
USDA Announces Demise of NAIS - USDA Press Release
PLAA Annual Meeting 2010 Photo Highlights
4-H and Families Matter - Geri Rutledge
Pike's Peak Homer's OTHER Survival Challenge - Michael Klahr
Product Review: The JUG Waterer - Carol Reigh
The Real Value of a Veterinarian - Gary Kaufman
Camelid Fiber in the World Market - Eric Hoffman
Chronic Wasting Disease & Camelids - Karen Conyngham
Traveling with Your Llamas - Joy Pedroni
Alpaca Heritage - Susan Schmidtke
Human Vaccinia Infection After Contact with a Raccoon Rabies Vaccine Bait: PA, 2009
One More Accolade for the Llama
Rumin Saves Alpaca Lives - Rising Sun Alpacas Email
Losing Our Llovely Llamas - Sandy Sgrillo


     February, 2010

Vol. XV, No.1

New Test May help Address Costly Parasite in Sheep & Camelid Industry - David Smith
Marketing These Days - Susan Schmidke
Llama Proteins Could Play a Vital Role in the War on Terror - Dan & Dale Goodyear
Tip 'n Info - Skating on Ice: Safe Footing for Llamas & Alpacas and us, too!! - Cathy Spalding
Sending Females Away for Breeding: What to Watch Out For - Karen Kinyon
PLAA Participates in Philadelphis Pet Expo 2009
The Future in Fiber: How it All Began - Larry McCool
Report on the US Animal Health Association 2009 Annual Meeting - Karen Conyngham & Susan Tellez
Training the "Green Ones" - Sanddy Sgrillo
PLAA Member Tabbethia Haubold Takes Grand Champion at 2009 ALSA Nationals
Feral Cats and Toxoplasmosis - Alice Y. Brown
Product Review:  Kate's Kreations (Camelid Coats) - Carol Reigh


     November, 2009

Vol. XIV, No.4

Trees in Your Pature? - Donna Berbig
ICI Board of Directors Elects Officers
Product Review Stall Mats - Theresa Holmes
AVMA, AVMF, Red Cross Enter Agreement to Coordinate Animal Rescue
Llama Therapy
Livestock Mortality Disposal - Theresa Holmes
Camelids, Endophyte Toxicosis and Ryegrass Staggers - Linda Blythe, A. Craig, Christopher Cebra
Customize to Maximize...because one size doesn't fit all!!
Ask the Colorado State University Vet Team - Kathy Stanko & Camelid Vets at CSU
Camelid Community 2009 Report - Sheila Fugina & Barb Baker
Changing the Rules - Susan Schmidke
Lama-Toons  -  Theresa Holmes
Kansas State Surgeons Perform World's Firs Hip Replacement on Alpaca - Patrick Scott
Barn Rules - Ann Bodnyk
Pasture Cues - Susan Schmidke


     August, 2009

Vol. XIV, No.3

Our Three Week Journey with Dr. William Franklin to the Falklands - Kathy Cooley & Marsha Timmerman
Operation Helmet Liner
PLAA Annual Membership Meeting - March 21, 2009
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Driving Llamas - Ron & Pam Shinnick
Alpacas: They're Not Just for Fiber Anymore - Corinne Hewett
Product Review: LIRA GOLD Direct Fed Microbials - Theresa Holmes
Llamas & Alpacas Now Covered Under USDA's Livestock Indemnity Program - Karen Conyngham
Benefit-Cost Analysis of the National Animal Identification System - Karen Conyngham & Teri Baird
Lilly's Rescue and Recovery Story - Candy Kimmes (Exerpt by Theresa Holmes)


     May, 2009

Vol. XIV, No.2

Letter Regarding Llama Medical Research Group - Milissa Cooper, VMD
PLAA Member Results at the Virginia Classic
PLAA Financial Report 2008 - Chuck Leach
4-H Parasitology 101 Class - Andrea Tibbetts
2009 PLAA Annual Meeting
Fiber Processing Mills
The "Scoop" on Manure
Changes to ID Requirement for In-State Camelids - Dan Goodyear
Steps to Prevent Plant Poisoning - Shirley Weathers
Global Fiber Economics - Susan Schmidtke
Emergency Alert Issues? - Jeffrey Lakritz, VMD
Llama Antibody Research Generates Multi-licensing Opportunities


     February, 2009

Vol. XIV, No.1

Fire Destroys Home of Longtime Llama Trainer Bobra Goldsmith - Theresa Holmes
FDA Order Withdrawn - Bob Hance
Running of the Llamas Documentary Now Available
Research Project Provides Encouraging Results
Progress Made on Supporting Sick Camelids
Whose Baby is This, Anyway - Cathy Spalding
Animal-to-Animal Variation in Parasite Load - Ann L. Bodnyk
Why Live in a Colorless World When You Can Dye - Laura Harrawood
The International Year of Natural Fibers - Kathy Stanko
Waste Fiber Can Help the Environment - Theresa Holmes
PLAA Member, Anita Collins, Receives Award
Llamas are a Hit at National FFA Convention - Sheila Fugina
Mud Matters - From USDA Fact Sheet No. 11, 1/2009
Dr. David E. Anderson--What's He Up to Now? - Theresa Holmes


     November, 2008

Vol. XIII, No.4

Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas
Fiber Tumbler - Larry McCool
Llama Story - Sandy Sgrillo
Statement on Microchipping - Oregon Dept of Agriculture
Living Without 7% Iodine - William Shulaw, DVM
Boxwood Anyone? Absolutely NOT!!!
PLAA Members Make a Splash at the Big E Llama Show - Carol Reigh
Online Courses & Certification for Animals in Disaster Assistance
What in the World?
Dusk - Sandy Kanuth
PLAA Treasurers Report, March 29, 2008 - Chuck Leach
About Those Non Breeding Alpaca Girls - Susan Schmidtke
We've ALL Been There Done That, But Once is More Than Enough - Gary Kaufman
Reality Check for Dog Owners - Vonna Anderson


     August, 2008

Vol. XIII, No.3

Llama or Emu??? -Theresa Holmes
PLAA Members Attend Walkabout VI
Communication Network for Disaster Response - Sheila Fugina
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting - March 28, 2008
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting - March 29, 2008
Generating Publicity - Loretta Radeschi
Why Buy a Llama Instead of a Horse? - Danny Myers
ILR Press Release Contact Info Update
2008 PLAA Llama & Alpaca Festival
PLAA Annual Membership Meeting - March 24, 2007
Shoo Fly--Dealing with this Year's Invasion of Pesky Flies - Shirley Engelhardt
ILR Bulletin - July 29, 2008
Lover Boy's Leg - Laura Harrawood
The Llama Futurity Association-The Things We Do - Phil Feiner


     May, 2008

Vol. XIII, No.2

2008 PLAA Annual Meeting Highlights
Interstate Transportation Health Requirements for Llamas & Alpacas
This is a Story About a Llama with Tetanus - Pat Leighton
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - March 23, 2007
The ILR Incentive Fund - Tami Lash
1st International Workshop on Camelid Genetics
Annie and Baby (Impaction) - Patty Russi
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - March 24, 2007
Listeriosis or Circling Disease - Dr. Arron Wise
Tips on Pumping Gas
Sore Mouth or Orf - Gwen Pierre


     February, 2008

Vol. XIII, No.1

PLAA Members Help Make the GALA Conference a Success
National Animal I.D. Opinion - Elaine Partlow
Hats - Susan Schmidtke
Rainbows--Promises--New Beginnings - Tami Lash
Report on the USAHA 2007 Annual Meeting - Karen Conyngham
2008 Falkland Research Expedition & Christmas in Patagonia - William Franklin
An Actor, A Llama, & Livestock?  Oh, My!
Microchip Cancer Report
Transporting Llamas - Sherry Halligan


     November, 2007

Vol. XII, No.4

Hobby Farm or Business? - Victoria Myers
PA Llama Makes Debut in Cart Driving Competitiond
New Camelid Drug Formulary Now Available
Fire and Flood and Snow, Oh My! - Gary Kaufman
Camelid Community: Llama & Alpaca World's Only National Gathering
Snuffy Loves His Llamas - Gale Schultz
Civil War or Civility: How to live with Urban Coyotes - Susan Hagood
Properties of Llama Manure - Mary B. Bonaty
Rufus, The Extraordinaire - Sandy Kanuth
Managing Nematodirus h. in the Camelids' Environment - Ann L. Bodnyk


     August, 2007

Vol. XII, No.3

Llamas Visit State Capitol
Llamas Save Loon
Press Release from the Pack Llama Trial Association
ILR Press Release - July 23, 2007
Letter from Ohio State University
Llamas on the Trail - Carrie Jenkinson
Buck Hollow Llama Farm Photo Shoot
Change in ILR Office Procedure for FTA Cards
PLAA Member Helps Keystone Trail Association- John Zerphy
Lameness - David Bezek, DVM, Ph.D
PLAA Partners With Vets Recipients 2007
Llamas May Help Humans Fight Dandruff
How Can Llamas Help Stop Biological Weapons? - Julia Layton
Ear Treatment for Camilids - Theresa J. Holmes
Diet for Underweight Llamas - Pat Brandon
Old Friends - Dianne Howe
What Your Llama Should Know Before You Bring Out Pack Equipment


     May, 2007

Vol. XII, No.2

Annual Meeting 2007
Which Type of Fiber is Best? - by Debi Garvin
Camelid Community 2007:Celebrating Diversity--Sharing Goals
PLAA Annual Meeting Minutes - March 18, 2006
PLAA Board of Directors Email Minutes  -  March 1, 2006-March 16, 2007
LAMAS Announces Legal Change in Name and Logo
Eimeria Mascusaniensis - Dr. Chris Cebra
Beet Pulp Hazards - by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM
ILR Survey Results
Hobby Farm or Business - by Victoria Myers
Lamaribbean 2007:Looking to the Future - by Marie Smith


     February, 2007

Vol. XII, No. 1

Rabid Llama in York, PA...Setting the Record Straight - by Pat McKinney
GALA Conference to be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
An Overview of Rabies - by Missi Cooper, VMD
Tournament of Roses Parade - by Caroline Gardner
Breed Standards....? - by LaRue W. Johnson, DVM, Ph.D
Easter Pack Trial
Dr. Mark Morris - by Art Kennel


     November, 2006

Vol. XI, No. 4

PA Launches Premises Identification Program to Protect Against Animal Disease - by Dan Goodyear
PLAA Participates in AG Progress Days 2006 - by Melanie Norton
How Do You? - by Tami Lash
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes -  March 17, 2006
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - March 18, 2006
Rain Rot - by Theresa Holmes
PLAA Members Participate in Various Activities
International Camelid Institute Has New Director - by Barb Baker
Camelid Emergency Preparedness
First Aid Kits for Camelids - by Dr. Kristy Brown
PLAA Needs Your Participation in the Owner's Directory


     August, 2006

Vol. XI, No. 3

New USDA Animal ID Brochure Allays NAIS Fears
Snyder Quality Llamas Press Release
Five Things an Animal Owner Might be Interested to Know - by Geordie Duckler
Breeding Up - by Debi Garvin
The Secret to Calm, Confident, Companionable Camelids - by Marty McGee-Bennett
PLAA Needs Your Participation in the Owner's Directory - by Mellonie Norton
Are There Really Moms That Nurse Crias Other Than Their Own - by Cris Jennings
Camelid Health -- Summer Heat


    May, 2006

Vol. XI, No. 2

PLAA Member John Conboy's Llama Featured in Large-Scale Photography Show
A Recipe Against Bear Invasions - by Bobra Goldsmith
Bioavailabilty and Pharmacokinetics of Oral Omeprazole in Llamas - by Dr. Geof Smith
Camelid ID Survey Shows Microchips Preferred by Vast Majority
What to Look for in Oral Electrolytes for Crias - by Christopher Cebra, VMD
Understanding the Implications of BVD to the Camelid Industry - by Kristy Brown, DVM
Fecal Floats, Friends & Fun!!
PLAA Member Ann Bodnyk Tackles Driving
PLAA Annual Membership Meeting Minutes, March 19, 2005
PLAA 2006 Annual Meeting & 10th Birthday Party


     February, 2006 Vol. XI, No.1

Hail to Our Advertisers!! - by Theresa Holmes
Rumen Physiology and Rumination
A Few Thoughts on Parasites - by Kristy Brown, DVM
PLAA Archivist
Field Report:Winter - by Benjamin C. Beene
It's Time to Register Your Premises with the USDA
PLAA Members Score BIG at 2005 Eastern Regionals & Grand Nationals
You Can Help Spread the Word - by Melly Norton
The Four-Letter "M" Word - by Sharon Hubbard
The "Shoelace Pen": A Simple Alternative - by Sharon Hubbard
Chorioptes Mange Mites - by Patrick Long, DVM
The OSU Veterinary Hospital Treatment Plan for Meningeal Worm
ICE = In Case of Emergency


     November, 2005

Vol. X, No.4

PLAA Selects Two Veterinarians to Receive Partners With Vets Award
How to Identify and Eradicate Clothes Moths in Camelid Fiber - by Christy Herr
LAMA -- One "L" or Two?? - by Theresa Holmes
Camelid Working Group Announces New Web Site on Animal ID
PLAA Exhibits at Ag Progress Days
Field Report: Fall - by Benjamin C. Beene
PLAA Member Achieves Delta Society Certification - by Marie Smith
2005 PLAA Lama Festival--FUN FOR ALL!!!
Uncovering the Nature of a Camelid Parasite:Paving the Way for a New Vaccine
Laurel Highlands Open Triple Fleece Show
National Animal Identification Program:Why it is Important to our Industry - by Kristy Brown, VMD
Yet Another Use for Llama Fiber
Quick, Portable Walls - by Linda Brown
Camelid Community 2005 Meeting Minutes
Standards of Care Update - Camelid Community 2005
Canadian Border Closure/Amicus Brief - by Marsharee Wilcox


     August, 2005

Vol. X, No.3

Have we Learned Anything Over the Last Ten Years? - by Chris Cebra, VMD
Conquering the Obstacle Course? - by Lora Crawford & Cyndy Rodriquez
An Unlikely Pair - by Alvena Guthier
Hints & Tips Around the Farm - by Theresa Holmes
BHLF Trend Setter Decides to Switch Careers
Field Report: Summer - by Benjamin C. Beene
Leg Spraying--A Joy of Summer - by Kim Scheuerman
New Boulton Center--Camelid Meeting - by Theresa Holmes
USDA to Roll Out Official NAIS Animal Identification Numbers in 2005
BVD--A Newly Recognized Serious Health Problem for Llamas & Alpacas - by Nancy Carr, MD and Susy Carman, DVM, PHD


     May, 2005

Vol. X, No.2

Parasitology in Llamas and Alpacas - Cliff Monahan, DVM, PhD
Unexpected Dangers - Marilyn Nenni
PLAA Board of Directors Actions by Email: March 23, 2004 - Feb 28, 2005
Field Report: Spring - by Benjamin C. Beene
2005 PLAA Annual Meeting
PLAA Website Needs Your Help
By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Llama & Alpaca Association
PLAA Partners with Vets Program
PLAA is Planning Another Festival


     February, 2005

Vol. X, No.1

PLAA Members Make Major Contribution to GALA
Affordable Easy Shelter
YOUTH - Eli Wilson Makes PA Proud at the Grand Nationals
PLAA Members Participate in the ALSA Eastern Regional Llama Show
Field Report: Winter - by Benjamin C. Beene
CWG Explains Animal ID System Numbers, Seeks Community Input
Lama Happenings
PLAA Spouse of the Year - Danny Albright
I Regret That I Have But One Life to Give to My Camelid Community
Youth Across America Contest - LANA Announcement
2004 ALSA Grand Nationals Results


     November, 2004

Vol. IX, No.4

PLAA Participates in Ag Progress Days - by Melanie Norton
Red Blood Cells in Llamas, What Can Go Wrong? - by Susan J. Tornquist, DVM
Field Report - by Benjamin C. Beene
Lama Happenings
The First One - by Marie Smith
Hypothermia - Are You Ready For Winter? - by David E. Anderson, DVM
Making Surgical Recovery Safer for Camelids
Lama Community 2004 Meeting Report


August, 2004

Vol. IX, No.3

PLAA 2004 Llama & Alpaca Fun Festival - by Robin Davidheiser & Linda Dellmyer
C.W. and the Boys - by Marie Smith
Rookie Reflections on a Llama Show - by Kathy Cooley
Field Report Summer - by Benjamin C. Beene
PLAA Board of Directors Meeting - March 19, 2004
Government Relations Update - by Dan Goodyear
Demystifying Showmanship - by Cyndy Corey Rodriquez


May, 2004

Vol. IX, No.2

PLAA Annual Meeting 2004 - Report
CAUTION: CyLence May Cause Side Effects -  by Theresa Holmes
Lama Lo - by Carol Reigh
Field Report Spring - by Benjamin C. Beene
Avoiding Injection Site Problems - by David Anderson, DVM
PLAA Traveling Display
Time for Trailer Maintenance - by John Milliman
USAHA Report - by Marsharee Wilcox
Training Llamas to Back - by Bobra Goldsmith
PLAA 2004 Budget
Thank You from Morris Animal Foundation


February, 2004

Vol. IX, No.1

Winter Barn Hints
Llamas at the Voting Polls - by Carol Reigh
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy; Do Llamas and Alpacas Have Anything to Fear - by David E. Anderson, DVM
Create Llama Fiber Birds Complete With Nest Eggs - by Sheila Fugina
Free Llama Care Kit Available - by Cynthia A. Rossi
Forage for Thought - Dr. David Barker
Demystifying Showmanship - by Cyndy Corey Rodriquez
Ag Progress Days - by Melanie Norton


December, 2003

Vol. VIII, No.3

PLAA Sends Four Vets to This Year's GALA Conference
The Latest Information on West Nile Virus - by Teri Nilson Baird
In Memory of Jack Glover
Pennsylvania Hosts GALA Conference
Training the Performance Llama - by Bob Wooldridge
Coming - The 2004 PLAA Lama Festival
Mandy - The Story of a Compromised Cria - by Mary Hogue
Unionville Fair - by Bob Swartwout
PLAA Members Contribute to Nationals in a Big Way


Summer, 2003

Vol. VIII, No.2

Animal Assisted Therapy FAQ - by Deborah Slocum
Runaway Llamas - by Jessie Kaercher
Reflections - by Pam Knepper
How Many Llamas is the Right Number?
YES! A Prospective Owner Said NO! - by Melanie Norton
PLAA Donates to Government Relations
Frustration in Leading and Showing: An Email Dialogue - by Marty McGee
Polioencephalomalacia in the Llama - by Wayne Coussens
Llama Talk - by Nancy Larson
Merchandising - Marketing - Sales - by Dick Murphy
Working Together to Investigate West Nile Virus in Llamas and Alpacas
PLAA Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting Minutes - March 21, 2003


Spring, 2003

Vol. VIII, No. 1

Trials and Tribulations: Clerking at the Grand Nationals - by Audean Duespohl
Making Felted Cat Toys - by Shelia Fugina
Llama Lessons of the Last 20 Years - by Dan Schreiner
Environmental Impact of Camelids - by David E. Anderson, DVM
Pack Trial 2002d Deja' Vu - by Terry Glover
Eperythrozoonosis in Llamas and Alpacas - by David E. Anderson, DVM
Forages for Use in Camelid Pastures - by Daniel Linden
Alpacas and Llamas: On becoming Bi-special - by Marty McGee Bennett
Miracle in the Snow - by Mary Hogue
The Grand, Grand Nationals - by Audean Duespohl


Fall, 2002

Vol. VII, No. 4

PLAA Board of Directors Meeting - August 14, 2002
Llamas for Liberty Perform at Hershey Park - by Carol Reigh
Solving Major Behavioral Problems in Thirty Seconds - by Marty McGee
To Be or Not to Be....Berserk! - by Pat Schulze
Llama & Alpaca Research Update
Pack Trip - Preparing for the Trip - by Tom Landis
Suri-Type Llama Fiber: What is it and How is it Used? - by Karen Kinyon
Llama at the Car Wash - by Joan Lyons
ILRC Animal Health Bulletin: West Nile Virus
Ingredients for a Fun Filled Lama Day - by Carol Reigh
West Nile Virus: Are Llamas and Alpacas at Risk? - by David E. Anderson
4-H Llama Club in Sullivan County - by Melanie Norton


Summer, 2002

Vol. VII, No. 3

Llama Behavior - by Sharon Hubbard
Bendacita, the Cria Who Went to School - by Deb Yeagle
Coping With Stress of All Kinds, Especially Heat - by Dale Goodyear
Discussions and Reproduction in New World Camelids - by Michelle Hedrick
Adding Value to Your Fiber - by Hal & Julie Koenig
Behavioral Indicators - by Marty McGee Bennett
Matriarchs-In Charge: Complexities of the Pecking Order
The Great Llama Roundup - by Audean Duespohl
Neonatology in Llamas and Alpacas - by David E. Anderson, DVM


Spring, 2002

Vol. VII, No. 2

PLAA Annual Meeting - Highest Attendance Ever - by Dale Goodyear
International Camelid Institute - Proceedings from Medical Conference
On-Farm Emergency Treatment of Alpacas - by David E. Anderson, DVM
How to Kill an Organization
4-H Llama Club: A Wonderful Experience - by Melanie Norton
Weaning: Whose Baby is This Anyway? - by Cathy Spalding
Lock and Load: Save Time and Do It Now! - by Melanie Norton
PLAA Activities Committee - by Linda Grotzinger
Training the Performance Llama - by Bob Wooldridge
LAMA Community 2002
Cria Diarrhea Study - by Christopher Cebra
Misfortunes of Mishandling Llamas - by Sharon Hubbard
Llama Dung Reduces Water Pollution
Marketing 101 - by Mitzi Ross



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